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We’ve all either seen or heard about it.  People on television shows like “Hoarders” with homes completely overrun with clutter.  Though you may say “I will never be that bad” with your home, it doesn’t take much for an organized space to become completely filled with junk.  Being proactive is the best thing you can do about it.  But How?  How do we organize and de-clutter a space if there isn’t even enough room in the house to begin?


The first step is renting a self-storage service.  Why you may ask?  Well, a self storage service will be the perfect place for you to move things that you do not want to get rid of, but have no idea what you are going to do with.  By using a self-storage device, you can help organize your space, and take hold of the clutter.  Lets take a closer look at how.


The first steps to de-cluttering your life

So you have your house, and there is no room for anything.  Things may be piled on top of more things, and there seems no reasonable place to start.  The first question you should ask yourself, is what kind of things do I have?  What makes up the clutter?  Is it clothing, excess food, holiday ornaments, furniture, dishes, papers, or all of the above?  Has a particular hobby taken up all your space?

Start piling related things into boxes.  They don’t need to be exact.  Next, move these things to your storage sydney space.  It may be easier to rent space in a place that allows you to bring your car right up to the doors.  Once at your self-storage space, take each box out one at a time, and use the self-storage as a way to carefully organize what you need and don’t need from each category of stuff.  What you don’t need can be driven directly to the Salvation Army or landfill, while what you want to keep can stay in the temporary storage.


Step 2, using self-storage as a temporary place while you get your house in order.

Once you have room to organize things within your own house, it is a good idea to remove everything from the house that you do not strictly need.  Do you have way to many dishes?  Are there more books or newspapers then you know what to do with?  Empty your house of everything that is non-essential, and use the self-storage to temporarily hold on to everything.  Once your house is as clean as it can be, go through your day, and write down everything you need or want which is currently not in your house.

Once you have a list, go back to the self-storage and retrieve only those items you wrote down.  Keep this up for a week.  After that point, begin giving serious thought to what you are going to do with everything left in the self-storage.  If you do not need it in your life, then you are doing no good by holding on to it.  See if there is a family member or friend who would benefit from it.  Try selling it online, or giving it away to charity.

Regardless of how you go about de-cluttering your life, best of luck!

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